Städtepartnerschaftsverein Pirna e.V. (Pirna Twinning Association)

Formation: The association was founded on July 24, 2006.

Members: 17

The Twinning Association wants to promote and develop partnerships and contact between people in Pirna and other cities in Germany and abroad. Besides maintaining official relationships between the representatives of the twin towns, the association's major interest is the promotion of friendships between the people of Pirna and its twin towns, for instance:

  • The promotion, maintenance and development of town twinning activities in culture, sports and social life in cooperation with the city of Pirna
  • Arranging and maintaining twinning contacts between schools, clubs, organisations and people
  • Exchange of information and experiences
  • Organisation of town twinning activities, such as city trips, project weeks or Christmas stalls presenting products and speciality goods from Pirna and its twin towns
  • Direct contact between people is the only way to a lasting, peaceful and amicable relationship with our European neighbours

For many years, Pirna has been cultivating active twinning relationships with Varkaus, Longyuon, Děčín, BolesÅ‚awiec, Remscheid and Baienfurt (a partner community of Graupa) and a friendly relationship with Reutlingen.

Maintaining these partnerships is of great importance to us. In future, we would like to cultivate these dear traditions even further and increase the number of visits.

We also want to develop and foster private twinning exchanges.

Promoting these twinning contacts with passion and dedication requires a strong team and is only made possible thanks to the kind support of our volunteers. The members of the association should regard themselves as facilitators, initiators and guides, fostering the learning and understanding of new languages, cultures, landscapes and traditions. We are always looking for people interested in supporting our work and assisting our partnerships as volunteers.

Any natural or legal person who accepts the articles of the association and actively contributes to the realization of the objectives of the association can become an active member. Any natural or legal person wishing to join the association without having to actively participate can become a supporting member.


Pirna Twinning Association (Interessennetzwerk Städtepartnerschaften Pirna)

Am Markt 1/2
01796 Pirna